Hi there global travellers,
Here's some information of Zyflex cycling/thermail wear. I recently recieved a thermal shirt from Zyflex to test here in the desert. On first recieving it, it smelt of factory oil, a quick wash in cold water & air dried, all was good. This shirt is made of 59% polyethylene-35% nylon & 6% spandex. It stretches well, is super light, packs super small and when worn is fogotten about. It's water resistant, breathable and so far, windproof. It moves moisture away from your skin well and to date doesn't "smell" I've ridden in the early morning with nothing beneath the shirt and was comfortable,40 degrees F I live in the Arizona desert remember!! I have also worn it Rock Climbing so far so good. It has weathered being dragged over granite and desert lime stone. No wear points. Check out thier web.Most of all, "IT"S CHEAP "send me feedback. web: zyflex.com cheers Wil O Wales PS I am teaching a Rock Climbing course this week-end and will give it some more ABUSE grin